I wake up with the sound of the rain on my tent. I don’t feel like getting up, so I wait until it stops. After sorting out my luggage andRead More
Early in the morning I take a tour of Santa’s village with a picture on the polar circle marker. I even met Santa, and now I realize where he getsRead More
I leave Umeå  without disturbing the couchsurfers, still sleeping. I’ve got much road to cover today and I’ll get to the destination after dinner. Along the road I stop inRead More
I still have to get used to so much light during nighttime. I often wake up and think it’s already morning. At the first gas station I stop to changeRead More
Without waking Cristoffer up I leave, Stockholm-bound. For a still undefined mistake of some sort I run out of gas along the motorway. Luckily I’ve got my spare tank. AfterRead More
I wake up early. The night went well, despite the sunlight, that at this latitude is constant. Julian was right when he gave me a sleep mask, that does itsRead More
With the opportunity of Franzi’s house, I try to get in touch with a few couchsurfers. I leave without hurry and indeed I manage to get to Rostock to takeRead More