Day 3, Ingolstadt – Neuruppin, 606Km (377 miles)

Today the alarm set off early, around 5.00 a.m., because the couchsurfer had to go to work (at AUDI, of course).

I hit the road early, but with an inconvenient. I stopped to check the maps and while picking up one that flew away with the wind I delicately laid my vespa on the ground. So delicately that the screw holding mirror and front cowl together was shattered to pieces.

I stopped in Leipzig to buy screws and repair the damage.

All of today’s route is on the motorway, not much fun.

Around 9.00 p.m. I get to Neuruppin, a town north of Berlin. I buy a few groceries and when I arrive at Franzi’s, the couchsurfer, we cook spaghetti.

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