When you’re about to go on a trip with a vespa and cover many kilometres, the first person you turn to for support and reliability is your mechanic. That’s why one day I went to Stefano’s garage to show him my project. I wasn’t even done talking, that he had already started the engine, taken side coverings out and started tuning the vespa.

At the Honda Center I got all dressed up for rain and cold weather instead. Seeing my open helmet, which I use to go everywhere, they must have felt sorry because they gave me a larger visor right away.

An idea for a route

9000 Km (5600 miles) through seven countries. The destination is the North Cape, the most classic destination, the dream of every kind of traveller.

My “vespa” LML Star 150 will carry me through the fascinating streets of Northern Europe.

I chose to go from Ancona to the North Cape through Sweden, and then come back without hurry through Norway.

I will leave on the 24 of June and the journey will last 25/30 days. The street, the weather and unforeseen events will set the pace.

Every stop I make I’ll try to stay at a local’s house, with the help of the couchsurfing.com community, for a full and genuine experience of the place. Otherwise my tent will always be at hand.